Poinsettia Village

Brief History

picture of Poinsettia Village building
Pybus Street, Port Augusta

In 1961 the Corporation of the City of Port Augusta resolved to provide pensioner accommodation for the City. It was determined that government funding for local government projects of this nature was not available and it was illegal for Council funds to be expended for such purposes. The Council then decided to form an incorporated association to get around these legal barriers and so the Port Augusta Aged Cottage Homes Committee Incorporated was formed with Mr Lin Riches as the Chairman and Town Clerk, Mr Harry Richards as Secretary. In 1964 the first units were built at Poinsettia Village in an agreement with the South Australian Housing Trust. In 1974 the Port Augusta Aged Cottage Homes Committee was disbanded and the Corporation of the City of Port Augusta took over the administration and maintenance of Poinsettia Village.

Poinsettia Village is owned and operated by the Port Augusta City Council. Situated in an area bounded by Pybus Street, Ralkeith Street and Surrey Street in Port Augusta it consists of fourteen units with communal garden areas. All units are single bed room and have an ensuite bathroom. They also feature a lounge and kitchen area.

Picture of a twin bedroom at Poinsettia Village Picture of a kitchen at Poinsettia Village


Rent is set at 20% of the aged pension and is indexed in line with the aged pension, which increases twice per year. Rent can be paid directly at the Civic Centre or through Centrepay and BPay. There is a capital contribution required on entry to Poinsettia Village. The amount required is $4,000. If you leave within twelve months of your date of entry, a portion of this contribution will be refunded.


Unfortunately, it is the policy of the Port Augusta City Council that no pets of any description are permitted to be kept at Poinsettia Village.

Picture of a lounge room at Poinsettia Village

What's included in fees


Maintenance of the units is carried out by the Corporation of the City of Port Augusta. Requests for maintenance can be made by telephoning (08) 8641 9100. An after hours service will contact the relevant officer for emergencies.

Garden maintenance is carried out by a Contractor at the Council's expense.

Water accounts

Port Augusta City Council is responsible for all water accounts at Poinsettia Village. There is no additional charge for water.

What you are responsible for

Tenants are responsible for their own electricity accounts and telephone accounts.

Floor coverings and curtains are also your responsibility.

Most units are equipped with a reverse cycle airconditioning unit and Council is responsible for the maintenance of these airconditioners. However, as a matter of policy adopted by Council, once this item becomes unserviceable, its replacement is the responsibility of the tenant.

On vacating the unit, you may request payment from the incoming tenant towards any improvements you have made to the unit.

Picture of the front garden at Poinsettia Village

How to apply

If you wish to make application for residency at Poinsettia Village you will be required to fill in an application form.

Please make an appointment to speak with Anne O'Reilly, Director – Community Services, to discuss the availability of units.

You will be required to read and sign an Independent Living Unit Residence Agreement before occupying a unit. This agreement sets out the rights and responsibilities of both the tenant and the Port Augusta City Council.

Picture of Poinsettia Village from the street

Owned & Operated by the Port Augusta City Council

For further information please contact

Anne O'Reilly
Director – Community Services
Corporation of the City of Port Augusta
Phone: (08) 8641 9100
Fax: (08) 86417nbsp;0357