Payment Arrangements

If you are having difficulty in meeting your quarterly instalment payments you may wish to consider a more manageable weekly, fortnightly or monthly arrangement which can be accommodated with approval from council rating staff.

The following alternative arrangements will also help you to avoid or reduce costs incurred from late payment and make it easier for you to budget.

Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annual direct debit deductions

With this method of payment you provide the Council with an authorization to deduct regular payments of a fixed amount from your bank account on either a Weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.  The money is then deducted automatically and you do not need to worry about your rates not being paid on time.

Post Billpay

Obtain a transaction card from the Council office that is encoded with the Council Billpay code and your assessment number - you are then able to pay weekly, fortnightly or as frequently as you can afford to do so each time you visit the Post Office.


If you receive a payment from Centrelink, then Centrepay is an option for you.

Centrepay is a FREE direct bill paying service offered to persons receiving payments from Centrelink. You nominate the regular amount you wish to be deducted from your Centrelink benefit and that amount is then transferred automatically to the Council.

The easiest way to start a Centrepay deduction is by telephoning Centrelink, however Council staff can assist you with the deduction authorisation form and forward it to Centrepay for you.

Should you wish to avail yourself of one of these options or obtain additional information on them please contact the rating services staff at the council office on 08 8641 9123 or 08 8641 9127.