Council Development Assessment Panel (CDAP)

Agenda and Minutes of CDAP meetings

The Port Augusta City Council appointed its first Council Development Assessment Panel (CDAP) including 4 independent members, pursuant to Section 56A of the Development Act 1999 on the 12th February 2007.

The role of the CDAP is to make decisions on development applications in accordance with the Development Act 1993 as delegated to it by Council, and to report to Council on development trends and issues.

Council Development Assessment Panel Terms of Reference(160 kb)

CDAP Meeting/Operation Procedures CDAP%20Meeting%20Operation%20Procedures (88 kb)
(1.2.01) CDAP - Code of Conduct 1.2.01%20CDAP%20-%20Code%20of%20Conduct (40 kb)
(1.2.02) CDAP - Complaint Handling 1.2.02%20CDAP%20-%20Complaint%20Handling (196 kb)

The Panel Members include:

Presiding Member:
Mr Jason Willcocks

Independent Members:
Mr John Veen
Ms Pauline Zanet

Elected Members:
Cr Brett Benbow
Cr Ann Johnston
Cr Tony Mitchell

All correspondence to the Panel should be forwarded to:
Council Development Assessment Panel
PO Box 1704

Council Development Assessment Panel - Public Officer

Council has also appointed a Public Officer to the CDAP.  This Officer is responsible to ensure the proper investigation of complaints about the conduct of a Member of the Panel. Contact details for the Public Officer are as follows:

Mr John Banks
Public Officer
Council Development Assessment Panel
PO Box 1704

Telephone: 08 8641 9100
Fax: 08 8641 0357

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