Public Consultation

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Current Public Consultation:

Revocation of Classification of Community Land

NOTICE is hereby given, pursuant to Section 194 of the Local Government Act 1994 that the Port Augusta City Council resolved to commence public consultation for the revocation of the following parcels of land from the classification of Community Land:

  1. Allotment 50 and Allotment 52 in DP93846 – Crown Land under the care, control and management of Council. Port Augusta Golf Course area and Port Augusta Homing Club area.

The reason that Council wishes to revoke the community land classification applicable to Allotments 50 and 52, Stuart Highway, Port Augusta is to enable the State Government to sell a portion of both properties directly to the purchaser of Allotment 51.

A Section 194 report (known as a Revocation Proposal) is available at the Council Office within the foyer area located at 4 Mackay Street, Port Augusta, during normal business hours or can be downloaded below:

Any person may make relevant representation in writing concerning the proposed revocation and submissions must be forwarded to Mrs Lee Heron, Director – City & Cultural Services at 4 Mackay Street, (PO Box 1704) Port Augusta SA 5700, or email submission to, no later than 4:00pm on Tuesday 28 February 2017.

A member of the community wishing to clarify any information within the revocation proposal or to ask a question about the process can telephone or arrange a meeting with Mrs Lee Heron by calling (08) 8641 9100.

Each person making a written submission should indicate the reasons why Council should consider retaining the land as Community Land for community purposes and whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another party before the Council in support of that submission. Alternatively, written submissions supporting the proposal are also encouraged, to enable Council to obtain a balanced view from the community on this matter.

Please note that details of submissions will be included in a report within Council’s public agenda and copies of all submissions will be provided to Elected Members for perusal.

East Side T-Jetty

Council is seeking comments from the Port Augusta community in relation to the future of the East Side T-Jetty. The jetty has been declared structurally unsound and will cost an estimated $1.1m to restore. Please let us know what direction you believe Council should take in regard to the future of the T-Jetty.

Comment on the future of the T-Jetty